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Conference Proceedings
Crossing Boundaries: Identity management and student/faculty relationships on Facebook, Hewitt, A.; Forte, A. , CSCW, (2006) Tagged XML BibTex
HT06, tagging paper, taxonomy, Flickr, academic article, to read, Marlow, C.; Naaman, M.; Boyd, D.; Davis, M. , Proceedings of the seventeenth conference on Hypertext and hypermedia, Odense, Denmark, (2006) Tagged XML BibTex
New Media Use and Political Efficacy, Coleman, S.; Morrision, D.; Svennevig, M. , the 10th Anniversary International Symposium on Information, Communication and Society, September 20 - 2, York, UK, (2006) Tagged XML BibTex
Comdedy or news? Viewer processing of political news from "The Daily Show", Mutz, D.; Chanin, R. , the American Political Science Association, Chicago, (2004) Tagged XML BibTex
Political information efficacy and younger voters, Kaid, L.L.; McKinney, M.S.; Tedesco, J.C. , the Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association, Chicago, IL, (2004) Tagged XML BibTex
Case Studies in the US National Science Digital Library: DL-in-a-Box, CITIDEL, and OCKHAM, Fox, E.A. , 6th International Conference on Asisan Digital Libraries, December, 2003, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, (2003) Tagged XML BibTex
Laughing, learning, and liking: The effects of entertainment based media on American politics, Parkin, M.; Bos, A.; van Doorn, B. , the Midwest Political Science Association, Chicago, (2003) Tagged XML BibTex
Political efficacy and its relation to media use and interpersonal communication in political campaigns, Lin, Y. , The Annual Meeting of the National Communication Association, Miami, FL, (2003) Tagged XML BibTex
Web Article
Perceptions of partisan bias seen as growing -- especially by Democrats, cable and Internet loom large in fragmented political news universe, Pew Research Center for the People, t.P. , (2004) Tagged XML BibTex
Knowledge Sharing in Self-organizing Social Systems: A Comparative Analysis of Weblogs and Centralized Discussion Forums, Godara, J. , Department of Industrial Systmens and Engineering, Volume Master of, Blacksburg, (2007) Tagged XML BibTex
Election 2006 Online, Rainie, L.; Horrigan, J. , (2007) Tagged XML BibTex
Social networking websites and teens: An overview, Lenhart, A.; Madden, M. , (2007) Tagged XML BibTex
The state of blogging, Rainie, L. , (2005) Tagged XML BibTex
The Internet and Democratic Debate, Horrigan, J.; Garrett, K.; Resnick, P. , (2004) Tagged XML BibTex
Digital town hall, Larsen, E.; Rainie, L. , (2002) Tagged XML BibTex
Report: Young voters, candidates share blame for apathy, Murphy, K. , April 25, 2000, (2000) Tagged XML BibTex
Social Software is here to stay, but what is it really and is it a good thing?, Villano, M. , Campus Technology, (2007) Tagged XML BibTex
Bowling Together: Online Public Engagment in Policy Deliberation, Coleman, S.; Gotze, J. , (2002) Tagged XML BibTex
Community Networks: Lessons from Blacksburg, Virginia, Cohill, A.; Kavanaugh, A. , Norwood, MA, (1997) Tagged XML BibTex